System Integrity Protection in OSX 10.11 EL Capitan

System Integrity Protection is a security technology introduced with OSX 10.11 that helps to inhibit potentially malicious software of modifying essential system files and folders on the Mac which can prevent your Mac from booting or compromise its security. In previous OSX Versions the “root” user account had no permission restrictions and had access to any system […]

Swift Programming Language is open source!

Apple finally adhered to their promise from WWDC 2015 of open sourcing their new programming language, Swift. In addition to the source code to the compiler, Apple also released the very first implementation in Swift of the “Foundation” library that serves as the standard library for all OS X and iOS application. All the source […]

Laptop Power Saving with powertop on Fedora 22

The most important thing you want from a laptop is long battery life. Ever ounce of power you can get to work, read or simply just entertain on a long jaunt. Therefore, it’s always good to know what is consuming your power. Intel’s powertop utility shows what’s drawing power when your system’s not plugged in. […]

Reduce the File Size of PDF Documents with Preview on OS X

The PDF file format is ubiquitous for good reason, mostly because it allows for perfect preservation of a documents formatting, text, and other elements. However, sometimes PDF can be quite bloated and a file that should be not more than 200KB can suddenly be 1.5MB for no obvious reason. Adobe’s Acrobat X has functions to […]