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I am Chris, a system & network engineer with a great passion for software development. This site serves as a documentation of my daily adventures. I am not a professional software developer but I do love to code in my spare time. Some of my projects and contributions to open-source projects can be found in the projects tab or on my github profile.

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Since I was 5 years old and trying to program my first basic program on my dad’s computer, technology has been part of my life.  It started with a commodore 64 SX where I played my heart out with the various games my dad brought home from work and dabbled my feet in commodore basic. Whenever my dad upgraded to new hardware I was handed down his older system e.g. he moved up to a 486 DX and I received a 286 with 8 MHZ (12 on turbo).

It was inevitable that I ended up studying Computer Science at university and pursuing a professional career in information technology. During my undergraduate a degree I had the opportunity to work on various projects as project leader, developer or even QA tester. The source code of some of the projects with an accompanying readme can be found on my github profile.

I started working as a scientific assistant at my university while I was finishing the postgraduate degree in computer engineering. I maintained and upgraded different types of systems, from back-end, to database middleware and up-to front-end applications. Today, I still enjoy programming new components for systems at work as well as in my spare time and love to contribute to open source projects wherever I can.

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I’m a currently working as a Network & System Engineer for IWB (Industrielle Werke Basel), where I administer, maintain and deploy ethernet and internet services on Basel’s fiber network including the necessary service infrastructure.

During the day I spend my time analysing and resolving system issues, automating tasks and offering remote hands support if needed. In my spare time I love to code and built new tools for myself or contribute to various open source tools I use on a daily basis.

I enjoy finding new challenges without being afraid of stepping into unfamiliar territory. While I like all aspects of my job, I think my favorite part must be analyzing systems / networks and understanding the various parts that make it work. The insight allows me to hook-in my own programs to alter the system to my liking or to accomplish the job at a hand.

My main fields of interest (in no particular order and not exclusive) include:

  • System Engineering (Design, Implementation, Deployment) on macOS, Debian and Red Hat Linux
  • Network Engineering (Architecture/Design)
  • Mobile and Embedded Systems (Android, iOS, Arduino)
  • Mobile Application Programming
  • Wireless Technologies (WLAN and LoRa)
  • Desktop Client Support, OSX and Linux/FreeBSD preferred.

Visit Linkedin if you would like to know more about me and my technical background.

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