Samsung Galaxy S3 Optimization via build.prop

One major point speaking for Samsung devices in general is the usual unlocked boot-loader that allows you to modify the system partition. The build.prop file is your device’s “ID Card”. It contains the device’s specifications that allows an application to customise the program according to your device’s specification. Editing the build.prop file is most commonly […]

MacOS X Mountain Lion parental control running at near 100%

After recently upgrading to Mountain Lion I now have the process named “parentalcontrolsd” running 24/7 even though I do NOT use any parental controls. 58174 parentalcontrolsd root 98.7 9 72.3 MB Intel (64 bit) 138.4 MB Simple work-around: remove all settings from parental controls Disable parental controls on all users. Delete the folder /Library/Application Support/Apple/ParentalControls […]