Optimize Debian/Ubuntu for SSD

Original post: http://askubuntu.com/questions/1400/how-do-i-optimize-the-os-for-ssds I have successfully used several different techniques to improve the way Ubuntu uses the storage device, whether that be solid state or traditional drives. For SSDs you are looking to minimise the number of times the drive is written too, as reads should not add wear to the drive. 1) Manage the […]

Unbranded Firefox in Debian

Mozilla Firefox is a widely used web browser in many GNU/Linux distibution, including Debian OS. Debian uses a slightly patched version of Firefox and due to the brand/name restrictions isn’t allowed to call their version Firefox anymore. Therefore, Debian re-brands the Firefox browser and calls it Iceweasel. (Same restrictions apply to Thunderbird which is called […]

Source Code Formatter for Blogspot

Add the following CSS Style to your Blogger template pre.source-code { font-family : Andale Mono, Lucida Console, Monaco, fixed, monospace; color : #000; background-color : #eee; font-size : 12px; border : 1px dashed #999999; line-height : 14px; padding : 5px; overflow : auto; width : auto; text-indent : 0px;} surround your code with the following […]